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Matthew 17:1-13, Experience the Glory of Heaven

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Matthew 17:1-13, Experience the Glory of Heaven

  There are many hardships in life. Everyone experiences this hardship and lives their lives. Experiencing great glory gives us strength to overcome suffering. That's why he's the one who's changed the text today. The Lord's face glowed like a sun, and his clothes whitened like light.

1. Behold the glory of the God before affliction (2, 5). 

You can see the Glory of the Lord as he stands to understand and overcome the cross of affliction. The Apostle John saw heaven and the Lord. The experience of this glory was so great that John was generously overcame by any affliction. The reason Stevan was martyred by stone and his face looked like the angel's face because he saw the glory of heaven (Acts 7).

2. Behold only the Lord (3, 5,8, Luke 9:31)

Moses and Elijah are two Great Old Testament greats. The Lord talked with them about His death (Luke 9:31). For He is a lamb to die for Atonement, a stone to be provided with bottled water, and a brass serpent on a pole to save the dying. He also proclaims that who came as John the Baptist, prepared Jesus, who was martyred by repentance and beating out of heaven and fighting against injustice. Then the voice of God is heard in heaven. After a while Moses and Elijah disappeared and only Jesus was seen. The same is true of our faith. No miracles, no Moses, no Elijah follow. Only Jesus (Heb. 12:2) we should follow and His word.

3. As those who have experienced heavenly glory, they must experience suffering (7-13)

With a sun-like face, a changed Jesus wearing light-white clothing, and that glory. Like John the Baptist, which Elijah meant, he must take upon him suffering. May you look to the glorious nation of God to overcome fearful realities and afflictions. Bless you to be a blessed Lent who wins with a cross. Amen.


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